10 Easy tricks to maintain your unused vehicle when working from home!

In the event that you intend to leave your vehicle unused during this Circuit Breaker period, follow these steps to guarantee it remains in running condition. Being stuck at home isn’t just hard on us but also for our unused vehicles. Without proper maintenance, they probably will not perform as well when we get back on the road. Here are some tips on the best ways to maintain your unused vehicle so you will not have to send it for servicing once the Circuit Breaker measures are lifted.

1. Disconnect Your Car Dash Camera

Taking care of your vehicle’s battery guarantees it remains in ideal condition as the battery on your vehicle has an important job. It permits you to start your vehicle at the turn of a key or the press of a button. The battery loses its charge after some time even without using. In the event that you are not planning on driving anytime soon, you should disconnect the car dash camera from your vehicle.

2. Keep The Interior Of Your Car Clean

Every car owner knows the importance of cleaning their vehicle but as a gentle reminder, here’s the reason why you should.

Throwing rubbish in your car compartments is convenient but if you do not clear them, it will result in unpleasant scents, sticky surfaces, insects, and bacteria growth. With this pandemic worsening day by day, we highly doubt you would want a vehicle that serves as a hotbed for germs and bacteria.

After clearing your vehicle, you can spray some freshener. However, do take note that excess may stink up a confined space such as a stationary car.

3. Wax Or Polish To Protect Your Paint

In the event that your unused vehicle is parked outdoors, the paint job could get damaged regardless of whether it is protected with a cover as there may be existing layers of dust, grime and moisture on its surface.

To prevent damage and maintain your unused vehicle, cleaning the exterior of your vehicle thoroughly is necessary. Do ensure that you remove all dust, dirt and grime on your vehicle before coating it with a layer of wax or polish. This helps keep moisture away too.

4. Pump It Up To Full Tank!

Another significant issue of a stationary vehicle is that it causes the inside of the fuel tank to rust. To prevent it from rusting, make sure to fill the tank to the brim with quality petrol and ensure that the fuel cap is closed tight.

Fuel additives may be included as well. This will guarantee that moisture is kept out of the tank and rusting will not occur.

5. Keep Your Tyres Inflated

Under-inflated, over-inflated or worn-out tyres will make your vehicle underperform and compromises its safety. Therefore, you should continuously check the tyre pressure before leaving it unused to prevent the sidewalls from cracking. Lastly, check the valves and valves caps to guarantee there is no spillage and that they fit correctly.

6. Change Your Oil And Filters

Used oil contains sludge, metal fillings, moisture and other corrosive materials. Filling your vehicle up with new oil and replacing oil filters will keep it healthy. However, choosing the right one for your vehicle is just as important.

7. Handbrake Off!

Having the brake pads stuck to the drums and discs will mess you up on your next drive. This is the reason why you ought to disengage your handbrake if your vehicle is left parked for a prolonged period.

To do it safely, make sure the transmission has been set to ‘P’ for parking. In the event that you drive a manual vehicle, put it into the first gear. Then, place bricks or chocks under the wheels to keep your vehicle from rolling.

8. Park Indoors Or Consider Using A Car Cover

In the event that your vehicle is unused during this Circuit Breaker period, leave it indoors if possible. It is safer and cleaner for the exterior of your vehicle. If it is not possible to park indoors, investing in a quality car cover is another alternative you can consider.

However, if your vehicle is already parked indoors, do not use a cover as this prevents moisture from evaporating. This will cause harm to any metal parts, especially in Singapore’s humid weather.

9. Adjust Your Tyre Pressure

Leaving your vehicle unattended for a prolonged period will call for flat spots and a drop in tyre pressure on your tyres. You might want to head over to the nearest petrol kiosk to adjust your tyre pressure.

For sports vehicle owners, you will probably have a simpler time as your tyres are more durable.

10. Start Your Engine Every Few Days Or Take It Out For A Spin!

If removing your car battery is not an option to maintain your unused vehicle, you should find the time to start your engine every few days. Starting your engine for even a couple of minutes has several advantages.

This will prevent the battery from losing its charge. Remember to also keep the engine and other mechanical parts well lubricated, and allow the vehicle a chance to “stretch its legs”. You might also want to turn on the aircon to circulate any stale air in the vehicle’s cabin.

If time permits, bring your vehicle out for a short drive! Even just a couple of rounds in the car park will help maintain your vehicle. This will help give the battery a quick charge and also keep the tyres from getting flat spots.


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