5 Benefits of a waterless car wash

5 Benefits of a Waterless Car WashMost of us clean our car with a bucket of water and a sponge, however, there is a much simpler way to wash your car from all the dirt and grime. It is the waterless car wash method. It might seem skeptical at first, but we will unveil some benefits of it together and share exactly how to wash a car without water. Stay on, read it and bob’s your uncle!


1. Conveniently Clean Your Car Anywhere, Anytime

With Singapore’s workaholic culture, many of us only have time to wash our cars during the weekends or after work. And many would face a longer waiting time for a car wash during these peak periods. You wouldn’t want to waste your weekends waiting for a car wash, would you?

With the waterless car wash, you needn’t bother with where to get water. You can now wash your car at whatever time and place that is convenient for you. You can literally have your car cleaned at your HDB carpark or while waiting for someone at the loading bay.


2. Save Water and Our Environment

Water is one of the most precious resources and eliminating the use of water entirely can help contribute to saving this resource.

A few gallons of water will be used each time we wash our cars at home. In addition, chemicals used in a waterless car wash is biodegradable and is least likely to harm the environment unlike detergents and other heavy-duty cleaning materials that can be found in a cash wash business.


3. Save Time and money

For those people out there, who do not have the spare time to wash their car nor do they want to fork out money to get their car washed. The waterless car wash is the best way to go! Not only is it cheaper, but the entire procedure of a waterless car wash also takes only approximately 20-30 minutes, unlike a typical car wash which will take up to 2 hours. This will not only save you time but also money!


4. Long-Lasting Shine

Waterless wash can create a wax finish with a longer-lasting shine. You will have to spray the wax on the vehicle, wipe it off with a microfiber towel, and complete the step with a clean microfiber cloth. This can significantly improve the lustre of your paint, making the car look shiny, clean, and brand new.

Besides cleaning it, you are also protecting your car from all the tar, pests, debris and grime while driving.


5. Say Bye-Bye To Water Marks

The many downsides of a car wash that involves water are watermarks. This will happen when water is left to sit on the paintwork without drying them with a cloth or even worst when the employees of a car wash business miss a spot while wiping your car. However, with a water-free car wash, you will never face water staining problem again.


How does the waterless car wash works?

Before you start cleaning, make sure you remove all the small stones or mud on the car. Get a waterless car wash with wax spray for an added sheen. All you have to do is spray the formulae on the car. We would recommend to start from the top of the car and work downwards.

Wipe down your car with a high-quality microfiber towel as it helps scoop up the dirt particles. Then, with another cloth, buff to a high shine.

Ta-da, a clean and shiny car is here with no mess! Click on lower car running costs to find out tips and tricks to save your money!

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