5 Biggest misconceptions about hybrid cars

5 Common myths about hybrid cars

Hybrid cars have become very popular in Singapore due to their expanded availability. Hybrid cars are also known to be more efficient as it limits the use of fossil fuels. However, myths of hybrid cars are still holding back some people. Here are the 5 biggest misconceptions about hybrid cars.


1. Hybrid cars are very expensive

5 Common myths about hybrid cars

People often feel that hybrid cars are pricier than standard fuel cars. However, hybrid cars are increasingly going mainstream and the price of it has become more competitive over the years. While some models are still expensive, most of them are available at prices similar to traditional fuel cars.


2. Hybrid cars are complicated to drive

5 Common myths about hybrid cars

Truth is, there are no differences when it comes to driving a hybrid and a regular fuel car. There is no behavioural change required because you don’t have to make any decisions. The car just knows what the most efficient use of the power source is.


3. Hybrid cars are unreliable

Hybrid cars consist of two powertrains along with additional electric components, they are complex vehicles without a doubt. However, that does not mean that they are prone to breaking down. It’s 2021, hybrids are generally more reliable than gas counterparts.


4. Spare parts of a hybrid car are not easily available

5 Common myths about hybrid cars

A common misconception of hybrid cars is that spare parts are not readily available or that they need to be taken to specialised repair shops. Hybrid cars are just like any vehicle, therefore, spare parts are widely available at any vehicle repair shop.


5. Hybrid cars need to be plugged in

The definition of a Hybrid car is that it runs on two or more power sources – electric and gas, so when electricity runs out, the gas will take over. The technology is called regenerative braking, where the energy that is usually lost when a vehicle is slowing down or stopping is reused and routed to the hybrid’s rechargeable batteries. This means you save time and money by making fewer trips to the petrol station, and you don’t need to wait for the car to charge up like you would an AEV.


By debunking these misconceptions about hybrid cars, we hope you see hybrid cars in a new light. We have debunked more car-related myths in the following articles:

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