5 Mistakes P-plate drivers will make

5 mistakes newbie p-plate drivers will makeJust received your driving license and you are ready to take your car for a spin? You must have driven a car multiple times in your driving academy however driving on the road is totally different. Let’s look at 5 mistakes newbie p-plate drivers will make and what we can do to ensure a safe journey on the road for everyone.


1. Always buckle up!

One of the most common mistakes made by p-plate drivers, especially in the younger generation is to not buckle their seat belts. You may think that seat belts are the most annoying and uncomfortable restriction in the car. Little do you know that if the car were to abruptly stop, you will be likely to propel from the car and be hurled up into the air if you did not buckle your seat belts. Even a slow-speed crash can cause an unbelted driver to go crashing on the dashboard.


2. Don’t hog the right lane

Under the Road Traffic rules, every vehicle which is moving at a slow rate of speed shall be driven as close to the left-hand side of the roadway as possible and shall not be obstructing vehicles moving at a faster speed. The right outermost lane is designed for overtaking vehicles, so if someone is driving at a faster speed, let them overtake you.


3. Remember to signal

When switching lanes or making a turn, remember to signal before that to inform other drivers behind you. Changing lanes without signalling can cause a shock to drivers behind you due to your sudden manoeuvre. This may lead to bigger accidents if the driver behind you swerve to avoid colliding with you. Therefore, always signal before you switch lanes or making a turn.


4. Do not try to beat the red lights

Amber light is a signal for you to slow down. Try not to speed up just to beat the red lights because the car behind you might be too close and it will not be safe to hit the brakes when you cannot make it. Ask yourself, is it worth the $200 fine and 12 demerit points? Always anticipate a stop to stay on the safe side!


5. Courtesy goes a long way

Road rage happens a lot and many times people behave aggressively on the road. Be courteous to other drivers and letting things go can make life so much easier. A good driving etiquette can make driving more pleasant and can also improve road safety.


Good luck and have fun driving! But before you start going on the road, make sure you are insured and protected with motor insurance. Feel free to contact us at 88690022 or email us at contactus@udrivers.sg for a guaranteed lower premium price! And if you are in need of any vehicle-related informations, be it the nearest parking lot or the nearest petrol kiosk, download the UDrivers app now.

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