8 signs your car is going to die

8 signs your car is going to die

People tend to be emotionally attached to their old cars however, cars will deteriorate, and they will start to create all sorts of problems. Here are some signs your car is going to die and whether you should fix it or ditch it.


1. Dashboard lights galore

8 signs your car is going to die

The earliest symptom of a dying car can be found on the dashboard. The more lights you have on, the more your car is crying for help. Get your car to a reliable workshop to get it fixed once the light starts flashing to prevent any failure.


2. Leaking oil

8 signs your car is going to die

Oil is not supposed to leak out of your tailpipe. If it’s a new problem, visit your mechanic. But if you haven’t changed your oil since forever and the leakage has been there ever since, it could already be too late. So, if you encounter leakage, get it fixed before it gets worse.


3. Unquenchable thirst for oil

8 signs your car is going to die

Similar to the human body, your car needs a number of precious fluids to stay alive. It’s important to check and top up your car’s fluids regularly: Oil, coolant, brake, power steering, transmission fluid, and even wiper fluid. But if you’re checking every month and notice that something is bone dry every time, that means something is wrong!

If your engine had consumed much more oil than it should have between the last time you changed the oil. This is a serious issue and often indicates more problematic engine issues, like faulty engine parts


4. Jerky start and stop

8 signs your car is going to die

Transmission issues can be expensive. Therefore, if your car is facing violent acceleration or braking while driving, you should consider moving on and getting a new car.


5. Exotic smoke

8 signs your car is going to die

If your car starts blowing a different kind of smoke, it always spells serious problems.

Black smoke could be a lot of things, including fire. If your car catches on fire every time you drive it, it is both incredibly robust and extremely dangerous, and we’d recommend getting a new ride as soon as possible. But if a fire isn’t your problem, it probably means your engine is running too rich. With the number of computers dedicated to making your engine run in a newer car, this could be any number of digital or mechanical problems. In a situation like this, it’s best to get your car to the mechanic before your engine finally gives up.

Blue smoke pouring from the tailpipe means your car is burning oil, and white smoke means it’s evaporating coolant. You can certainly keep adding either fluid to your engine to keep the wheels turning but failing to do either will result in that smoke starting to billow under the hood—and then it’s time for either an expensive fix or a new car.


6. Slipping transmission

Transmission gears will wear and tear over time and start slipping. It is rare, but there might be a malfunctioning set of gears in the transmission, which is usually due to bad original manufacturing. As soon as you start losing gears, your automatic is likely toast, and flogging it for a few extra miles is only delaying the inevitable. If you have the funds, it’s time to buy a new transmission. If you don’t, then it’s time to put your car to bed.


7. Rusty

Rust is a big problem when it comes to the aesthetics of your car. It can make an expensive car look like a beater. Besides that, rusting can cost you a bomb if they start to spread. If you encounter the early signs of rust, getting it fixed before having the chance to spread will save you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars later. The more rust in a vehicle, the more hours it takes to repair, and it doesn’t take long to put a serious dent in your bank account.


8. Unfixable car

If you’ve tried all ways to solve your car’s problem, like replacing the battery, alternator, and starter but it’s still not working, then it’s probably time to give up the ghost. It’s the biggest sign your car is going to die!


If you face any of these signs, your car is most likely going to die! Check out if a hybrid car is good for you!

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