Common car mistakes that will ruin your car

Common car mistakes that will ruin your car

Preventive measures are part of keeping your car in good condition. If you want to make the most out of your next trade-in, take note of these mistakes that might ruin your car.


1. Driving too slowly

Most drivers think that speeding is dangerous, however, driving too slowly can also be dangerous especially on a highway. Besides safety, accelerating slowly prevents your engine from working normally and can make your engine and transmission work harder than usual. Always drive at a moderate speed, usually around 65-80km/hr.


2. Shifting into drive before the car is fully stopped

Ever reverse out of a parking lot and then change the car gear to drive before it comes to a full stop? If you did, you need to stop doing that. Shifting too quickly while the car is still in motion can cause significant damage in the transmission because there is a spinning coupling mechanism that can prematurely fail if it becomes worn from the harsh gear change. Always come to a complete stop before shifting into another gear.


3. Filling your radiator with only water

When driving your car on this sunny island, water will not be enough to cool down your car. In order to avoid damaging your car radiator, mix 60% of coolant with 40% of water.


4. Neglecting car dashboard warning signs

Your car will always tell you when there is something wrong. Car warning signs seen on car dashboards are like engine warning, oil pressure warning or engine temperature warning. You might not sense any problems but the longer you drag, the more trouble your car will face.


5. Not checking the tire pressure

Proper inflation prevents the tires from wear and tear, and besides that, it also increases the gas mileage. Car owners need to check tire pressure regularly even if the tires look fully inflated.


6. Cleaning your windshield with glass cleaner

Most of the glass cleaner contains ammonia, and if it comes in contact with the tint film of your car windows, it may cause decolourisation. Use a window cleaner specifically made for auto glass instead.


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