EV charging station in Singapore

Planning to get an EV but you are worried about finding an EV charging stations in Singapore? Totally understandable! Charging stations are not found in some of the HDB and condominium carparks.

However, with this guide, EV charging stations are actually pretty assessable in Singapore!


Shell RechargeEV charging station in Singapore

Shell recharge has 18 charging stations located around Singapore! With a rapid 50kW direct current charger, your car can be charged from 0 to 80% within proximately 30 minutes. They also provide type 2 chargers with 43kW.

Find the nearest shell recharge here!



EV charging station in Singapore

BlueSG has been around since 2017. They have approximately 1290 charging points island-wide! They have a wide distribution and is easier to encounter one! However, they only offer type 2 charging, so do get ready to wait as you charge up your EV.

Find the nearest BlueSG here!


SP Group

EV charging station in Singapore

You can find 33 SP group EV chargers in malls, residential and even recreation areas. They offer a 30-minute fast charge and even free parking in selected areas. Find the nearest charging points from the SP Utilities app.



EV charging station in Singapore

GreenLots charging points are only accessible via the GreenLot app, they are located in popular hotels and malls, such as Funan Mall and Marina Bay Sands, you’ll be able to charge your car while shopping or indulging in your staycation! In order to locate the nearest EV charger, download the app!


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