Guide on choosing the best workshop in Singapore

Choosing the best workshopChoosing the best workshop in Singapore for your beloved vehicle is essential to every owner especially when you need major servicing or repair.

We believe that many vehicle owners are facing uncertainty when it comes to the selection of the best-suited workshop for your vehicle. Therefore, we bring you the ultimate guide to select the best workshop in Singapore for you and your vehicle.


Knowledge and specialisation

Workshops that specialise in the specific car make, model or category tend to be more experienced and often have better judgments with how to best service it! Therefore, you’ll know that your vehicle is in good hands.


Reputation and reviews

By sourcing through Google and Facebook reviews, you can experience directly from the customers who have taken the service. However, online feedbacks and ratings may not be perfect, and some might be paid reviews.



If a workshop is quoting you at a price that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Likewise, expensive prices do not necessarily mean high-quality service. You can look for a workshop that is within your budget and also consider some other factors.

However, it could be troublesome to source for workshops one by one just to get the best quote that fits your budget. Fret not! By using the UDrivers app, you can easily get multiple quotations from various workshops with just one post.



‘Got warranty?’ You may want to ask more about the workshop’s warranty before scheduling your vehicle servicing and repair. Workshop’s warranty that covers you against any mechanical problems that may arise after the repair can give you peace of mind. With the UDrivers app, you can easily chat with various workshops to gain more information about the warranty coverage before you schedule your vehicle repair.



The location of the workshop is also an important factor! Some workshops might be in the industrial area which is quite difficult to access. Filtering workshops by location in the UDrivers app can help find workshops best suited to your convenience.


Everyone knows this aphorism “ Time Is Money”, especially for those who depend on their car for livelihood. Therefore, knowing the duration to complete your vehicle’s service might be an important factor. In the UDrivers app, you get to know the duration of completion beforehand, which in turn allows you to select the duration of your choice.


In a nutshell, there are several factors to help you source out the best-suited workshop for your vehicle. The right vehicle workshop can save you both time and also money. Download the UDrivers app now to conveniently source for a workshop of your choice!


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