Here’s what you need to know about your InVehicle Unit (IU)

Every vehicle registered in Singapore has an InVehicle Unit (IU), otherwise known as an OnBoard Unit (OBU), installed in it the vehicle. It is a little gadget seated quietly on our dashboard, only beeping when you pass by the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry, or when you enter an Electronic Parking System (EPS) carpark. Here’s what you need to know about it.

What Is An InVehicle Unit?

InVehicle Unit (IU) is a gadget that stores a cash card. You will often hear a beeping sound from the IU whenever you pass by an ERP gantry. When you hear the beeping sound, it is the gadget telling you that an amount has been deducted from your cash card.

There are two kinds of IU; The Old IU, and the New IU/Dual-Mode IU.

Old IU

The following cash cards listed are accepted:

– NETS CashCard

– NETS FlashPay

New IU/Dual-Mode IU

The new IU/dual-mode IU is about 34% to 50% smaller than the old IU and is currently the one being used by most drivers on the road. However, it also depends on the vehicle you’re driving.

The following cash cards listed are accepted:

– NETS CashCard

– NETS FlashPay

– Credit Cards

– CEPAS-compliant cards (EZ-Link, NETS, TransitLink)

CEPAS stands for Specification for Contactless e-Purse Application, making your EZ-Link card an e-wallet. The new IU-interface shows both the amount deducted as well as your cash card balance, while the old one only shows your cash card balance. Additionally, every IU comes with a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

How To Purchase A New IU?

Priced at S$155.80 (inclusive of GST), a new IU can be bought at any Land Transport Authority (LTA) approved inspection centres, otherwise known as IU service centres. Most carparks in Singapore are now equipped with EPS, which auto-deducts the parking fees from the cash card in your IU hence you no longer need to extend your arm through the window! It is definitely a good investment to purchase a new IU.

Where To Find My IU Number?

Every IU has its own registration number for identification, just like how your car has a license plate. It is known as the IU number, and it is a 10-digit number located on a sticker on your IU or in your vehicle’s log card.

How Do I Transfer An IU?

If you bought a new vehicle after scrapping your old one, it might be a waste to purchase a new IU again. Rather, you can opt to transfer your deregistered IU at an authorised IU service centre. However, the IU must be in good working condition and transferred within six months from the registration date of the vehicle. Do also take note that the vehicle you’re transferring your IU to must belong to the same class.
Transferring of the IU costs about S$18.73 (inclusive of GST) at VICOM.

How Do I Repair, Replace, Or Remove An IU?

You’ll need to send your vehicle to an approved inspection centre to have your IU removed. In the event that you accidentally damaged your IU, you’ll need to get it repaired (assuming your warranty hasn’t expired). However, if your warranty has expired, you would most likely have to replace your IU.
Removal of an IU comes with a service fee of about S$15 at every service centre.


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