How to maintain your BMW?

How to maintain your BMW?

It is important to routinely maintain BMW cars to keep them operate and look it’s best at all times. In order to aid our BMW drivers, these are some maintenance tips that you can do on your part to maintain your BMW.


Wax the car

Waxing the car may seem unnecessary, however, car waxing keeps your car shiny and aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, the wax acts as a protectant from bird poop, tree sap and many other elements.


Use clean gas

BMW vehicles are known for their high performance, so they need better quality fuel to run from the get-go. They require 91-octane fuel at a minimum, with 93 recommended.  Some gas stations do not have filters in their pump which may allow dirty gasoline to enter your car. Head to a reputable and familiar gas station, ensure that they filter the pump and change filters on a regular basis.


Keep leather protected

In order to prevent your leather seats from wear and tear, it is important to keep it protected! Clean your leather seats using a solution that is specifically designed for leather material. Afterwards, you can use a protector or cover to keep the leather safe.


Change oil regularly

Changing and keeping your oil fresh is essential if you want your BMW to be healthy. Your car manual might recommend you to change the oil every 10,000km-15,000km, however waiting this long might lead to carbon build-up in the valves, which can cause serious major problems.

If you are not too sure where to look for a reliable workshop, you may download the UDRIVERS app. Our handpicked workshops will give you a quotation on the car job.


Regular Servicing and Vehicle Checks

 Regular servicing and vehicle checks prevent expensive and unexpected repair services further down the road. This will ensure your BMW receives the service it requires to keep it problem-free and safe to drive.

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