Korean car Vs. Japanese car

Korean cars Vs. Japanese cars

Korean and Japanese cars have been appearing a lot on the roads of Singapore. As you decide which car to purchase, you may find yourself debating whether you should get a Korean car or a Japanese car. We will list down the pros and cons to help you make a decision.


Korean Car

Korean cars Vs. Japanese cars

Younger drivers tend to go for Korean cars such as Hyundai or Kia. Korean cars have a dynamic and youthful design. In addition, the interior of a Korean car is unquestionably superior to that of a Japanese model at the same price bucket.

An example of a Korean car would be Hyundai Accent the top player in the B segment of Korean cars comes fitted with many features including automatic headlights, a sound system with six speakers, LED daytime running lights and even a sunroof.


Japanese car

Korean cars Vs. Japanese cars

Unlike Korean cars, Japanese cars are popular amongst middle-aged drivers who prefer stability. Japanese cars require every minimal repair, so if you choose to get a Japanese car, you will most likely enjoy riding your car for 10 years with just a few breakdowns. Besides that, replacement parts of a Japanese car cost lesser than other vehicles.

Popular Japanese cars which include Honda, Toyota and Nissan are known for giving priority to safety rather than style. Therefore, if your main concern is regarding safety, you can rely on a Japanese car to give you that.


So, have you decided to pick Korean cars with looks and style or Japanese cars with safety and durability? But anyway, we understand it might be difficult to select the best car for yourself. Take your time and slowly find your needs, only you can decide which brands suit you best!

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