Tutorial on

‘how to quote
for a job’

  1. Go to ‘Job Pool’ at the bottom of the app, and select ‘Jobs Available’ (top of the app)
  2. Tap on ‘Quote’ button to send quotation to potential customer
  3. View the specification of the vehicle and job
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find ‘PROCEED TO QUOTE’
  2. Fill in the ‘Description’, ‘Estimated Cost’, &
    ‘Estimated Time to Complete’ then tap on the ‘QUOTE’ button to proceed. (You may add in images and any documents if needed)
  3. Tap on ‘YES’ to confirm your quotation
  1. Tap on ‘Quoted’ (top of the app), to view the
    outcome of your quotation
  2. Once customer accept your quotation it will appear on ‘In-progress’ (top of the app)
  1. Once you completed the job, you can tap on ‘MARK AS COMPLETED’ to notify the customer.
  2. Input remarks if needed / upload invoice or an image of the final product
  1. Tap on ‘OK’ to give your customer a thumbs up and remind your customer to give you a thumbs up to improve your business reputation outcome of your quotation

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    what is UDRIVERS BIZ app?

    A Mobile application specially built for Vehicle’s Service providers in Singapore to improve outreach to potential customers.

    1. Job pool

      You can search for potential businesses within the job pool feature.

    2. Digital Job quoting system

      You can easily quote for jobs anytime and anywhere with UDRIVERS BIZ app.

    3. Comprehensive business profile

      Set up your business profile within UDRIVERS BIZ app to showcase more about your company and your services.
      Customers can have a better understanding of your company and effortlessly locate your workshop.

    1. Connecting you with your customers online

      UDRIVERS BIZ app allows you to chat with potential customers and provide better engagement and customer satisfaction.

    2. Send notification to your customers

      Notify your customers when the job is completed. Customers can spend less time waiting while you get the job done!

    3. Job Records

      The history feature within the UDRIVERS BIZ App will record all job activities. This feature helps you effectively plan for your daily job schedule and improve your staff management.

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