Mild hybrid, full hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars

There has been an increasing amount of hybrid cars seen on the road these days as the government is planning to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles.

Since the Toyota Prius arrived as the first hybrid car in 1997, the range of economical, eco-friendly options available to buyers has grown massively. However, what exactly is a hybrid and how does hybrid technology work? Let’s go through the different kinds of hybrid cars.

Mild hybrid, full hybrid and plug-in hybrid car

What is a full hybrid car?

The definition of a hybrid car is a cross between a petrol or diesel car and an electric car. They use both combustion engine and electric motors to drive the car, either independently or simultaneously. They are not exactly electric cars because they consist of petrol engine too. The common hybrid cars are petrol-electric and diesel-electric hybrids.


What is a mild hybrid car?

Similar to full hybrids, besides combustion engines, mild hybrids use an electric motor as well. However, as it’s mild, you can guess that there’s not as much electrical assistance going on here. In a mild hybrid, the electrified parts of the powertrain can’t drive the wheels. Instead, the engine does all the work while the electric motor is used to assist the engine.

Using a belt alternator starter, mild hybrid systems allow energy to be regained through braking, storing energy into the batteries. This energy can then be used to assist the engine and to smooth out the stop-start.

A mild hybrid car is the cheapest way into hybrid ownership. The car offers a simpler powertrain with modest power and efficiency gains.


What is a plug-in hybrid car?

A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is as the name suggests, can be plugged in to charge its electric batteries. It moves the car closer to the concept of a full-electric vehicle, by adding a larger onboard battery that can be charged from an external power source.

With a fully charged battery, the plug-in hybrid car can go up to 50km. Owners who can keep within the car’s electric-only range can theoretically use these cars without ever using the internal combustion engine!


Now that you know about the different types of hybrid cars, look at all the factors to determine which types of hybrid car suits you best! For other information, click here!

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