Must know cheap and good car hacks

must know cheap and good hacks

Owning a car in Singapore is already expensive enough, however, fixing some simple issues like removable stains and grease can cost a fortune. Here’s a list of must-know cheap and good car hacks to maintain your car that can save you some money and at the same time have some fun.


1. Plungers to solve your car dents

Place a plunger on the dent and pull it back, the suction of the plunger will pull the dent forward allowing it to return to its original form.


2. Toothpaste helps to shine your headlights

Toothpaste can help clean foggy headlights, especially the whitening ones. Apply a layer of toothpaste on the plastic lens cover and use a cloth to rub it thoroughly. Although this may require some strength, it’s definitely worth it! After rinsing it off, wipe it dry and now your headlights will look sparkly and new!


3. Coffee filters and olive oil can restore the dashboard

Coffee filters act as a scratch-free polisher while olive oil is often used to keep skin and hair looking good. With these combinations, they’ll work wonders on your dashboard. Pour some olive oil on the coffee filter and wipe your dashboard to pick up all the dust and grime, allowing a shiny dashboard.


4. Coca-cola to remove rust

Coca-cola has a low pH and the carbonation can disintegrate metal oxides to remove tarnishes. Pour some Coca-cola onto the metal part and use an aluminium foil to scrub the rust off. After that, rinse it with water and wipe off with a cloth to remove any residue.


5. Hair conditioner brings out the shine in your car

Hair conditioner can help restore the glossy paint cash washes couldn’t. Wash the exterior with some water mixing it with some mild hair conditioner. For a greater effect, repeat these steps every fortnight to preserve the shine in the paint.


Besides saving through DIY car hacks, you can also save through selling some of the automobile items that you no longer use or buying second-hand items for your vehicle! On UDrivers latest feature “UConnect” you can now post any automobile-related things! Be it selling of products or looking for something you cannot find. Now that you know some good and cheap hacks, share it with your friends and DIY your own car maintenance solutions and have fun with it too!

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