New cars of Singapore in 2021 – Audi RS E-tron GT

New cars of 2021 – Audi RS E-tron GT

The Audi RS E-tron GT join the E-tron and E-tron Sportback, which are SUVs. The sculptural design unites the dynamic proportions of a GranTurismo with the characteristics of an Audi RS. Compared to any Audi RS model, the high-performance Audi E-tron RS GT has more horsepower, torque, and carbon fibre. The difference between the RS E-tron and the standard E-tron is only the badging, wheels and the standard brakes.


Exterior of the Audi RS E-tron GT 

New cars of 2021 – Audi RS E-tron GT

The fully electric E-tron GT is built on the same assembly line as the R8. Therefore there are no major differences, still the same large diamond-shaped grille and flat matrix headlights. The main highlight of the car’s design is aerodynamics, which reflects its sustainable nature, says Audi. The RS is reinforced with a five-layer carbon fibre plastic roof and 20-inch aero wheels. With a long wheelbase and prominent sills, the car’s low centre of gravity becomes very visible.

New cars of 2021 – Audi RS E-tron GT

The rear wing also provides active aero The light strip stretches across the full width of the rear. The distinctive rear diffuser gives an impression of impressive strength.


Interior of the Audi RS E-tron GT

Sport seats in the front provide good lateral support even while cornering at speed. Despite the sloping roofline, the passengers at the back will have enough headroom thanks to the “foot garages” on the floor that place the rear passengers lower in the cabin.

New cars of 2021 – Audi RS E-tron GT

The interior of the E-tron RS GT includes a 12.3-inch digital dash cluster and a 10.1-inch infotainment screen that is ergonomically oriented to the driver.



The performance of the Audi RS E-tron GT is also evident during charging as it takes approx. 5 minutes to charge enough power for the next 100 km. The E-tron GTs are equipped with standard DC charging capability, which can boost charge from 5% to 80% in under 22.5 minutes. The standard E-tron GT will drive an estimated 238 miles, while the RS claims approximately 232 miles, numbers which will be finalized when official EPA numbers are released.

The RS E-tron GT have a 234hp motor driving the front wheels, while the rear wheels have a 450hp. The full power can be called upon over boost for up to 2.5 seconds.

The brakes also see another Audi first, with the debut of a new carbide-coated brake offering that’s 10 times harder than steel. It’s similar to Porsche’s PSCB (Porsche Surface Coated Brake).

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