New cars of Singapore in 2021 – BMW iX3

New cars of Singapore in 2021 – BMW iX3

A whole seven years since the first battery-powered car, the i3. BMW presents its second electric vehicle (EV), BMW iX3 that will be coming to Singapore this year.


Exterior of the BMW iX3

The iX3 is essentially an electric version of the BMW X3. Despite their similarities, there are a few differences that you might spot if you look close enough. One of which is the BMW kidney grille at the front of the car. Without a hot engine to cool, the grille of the iX3 is sealed to reduce drag. Besides that, there are optional 20″ aerodynamic wheels.

New cars of Singapore in 2021 – BMW iX3


Performance of the BMW iX3

BMW says that the iX3 can travel up to 460km on just one charge. However, to stay safe, you can find a charging station when you hit 370km. That’s about nine days’ mileage for the average Singaporean driver.

The 400-volt battery stores 74kWh of juice, and BMW says the iX3 will accept rapid direct current (DC) charging at 150kW. Using that, refilling the battery from 0 to 80 per cent takes just 34 minutes.

The motor produces 286 horsepower and 400 Newton metres of torque to the rear wheels. Unlike most of the X3 models, the iX3 do not have a four-wheel-drive version.


Interior of the BMW iX3

New cars of Singapore in 2021 – BMW iX3

Like all the BMW i products, the interior of the car contains blue accents to show the pure-electric drive system. These designs can be seen on both the start/stop button and the gear selector lever.

There are some shortcut buttons down on the centre console and an intuitive scroll wheel to help you click through the various menus without taking your eyes off the road for too long.

The iX3 features both a 10-inch central touchscreen and a 12-inch driver’s information display.

New cars of Singapore in 2021 – BMW iX3

Despite the big battery hanging below the floor of the iX3, the rear space is as good as the regular X3. This means even a tall person can sit comfortably in the middle rear seat with leg and headspace to spare. The outer rear seats can also be reclined to give a more laid-back seating position.


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