New cars of Singapore in 2021 – Citroën C4

New cars of Singapore in 2021 – Citroën E-C4

You might be confused as to what this is since the ‘original’ C4 has been absent from Singapore for at least five years, and Citroen has a habit of calling everything a C4, from the C4 Cactus crossover to the Grand C4 Spacetourer MPV (formerly the C4 Grand Picasso).

Originally, the C4 was a small hatch, similar to a VW Golf, but it’s all-new for 2021. Thanks to its large alloy wheels, the new C4 now has a character and robustness of an SUV. Besides that, the new C4 also introduces a 100% electric version – e-C4 100% electric.

New cars of Singapore in 2021 – Citroën E-C4

Exterior of the new C4

The new C4 sits between the traditional hatchback and crossover segments, giving a rugged look.  The new C4 has an unorthodox styling, with big headlights, grilles and a rear spoiler that gives a split rear windscreen. Besides that,  the flowing roof gave the C4 a coupe-like appearance.

New cars of Singapore in 2021 – Citroën E-C4

Interior of the new C4

New Citroën C4 offers the best connectivity. The screen includes a 10″ touchscreen vibrant display. The addition of a row of physical buttons and knobs to operate the climate control beneath is also a welcome development over recent Citroëns. There are plenty of easily accessible USB sockets and storage bins in the centre console. Citroen also points out a range of accessories and options that includes a wireless phone charger, head-up display and tablet stand for the front passenger.

Performance of the new C4

Alongside petrol and diesel options, the fully electric e-C4 is also available. It makes use of the same motor and battery setup as you’ll find across the Stellantis electric line-up, offering a 136hp motor, 260 Nm torque and a range of 217 miles. An 80% charge can take as little as 30 minutes when using a 100kW rapid charger for a range, but a regular 7kW home charger will take around seven-and-a-half hours to replenish the battery.

The petrol-powered PureTech is expected to be the most popular model for now. It uses a 1.2-litre turbocharged three-cylinder unit paired with a six-speed manual or eight-speed auto. The power ranges from 100hp to 155hp.

For drivers doing the highest mileages, BlueHDI versions with 110hp and 130hp are also available, achieving more than 60mpg.

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