New cars of Singapore in 2021- Hyundai Kona

New Cars Of Singapore In 2021- Hyundai Kona

The refreshed Hyundai Kona is now a fully electric car that does not use combustion fuel. Besides, being emission-free, the costly maintenance is reduced because there is no longer clutch or gears. The Kona electric is now powered by a 201-hp electric motor, and its large battery pack can go up to 258 miles per charge.



The Kona Electric has undergone a bold exterior change. The biggest change could be seen at the front of the car. In favour of a sleek nose, the new Kona has a grille-less front facia. In addition to that is a functional air intake in the lower bumper is visually enhanced by horizontal accent bars, which give it a pronounced stance.

New Cars Of Singapore In 2021- Hyundai Kona

Next, a change in position of the charging port to give it an asymmetrical look. This clean and modern look is further enhanced by the daytime LED running lights and sharper headlamps that stretch around the side of the car.

New Cars Of Singapore In 2021- Hyundai Kona

These changes have extended the length of the new Kona electric by 25 millimetres. All in all, the whole exterior change have turned the Kona into a sleek city cruiser.

The high-tech headlamp inner bezel now incorporates multifaceted reflector (MFR) technology. Connected to the headlights is the wheel arch claddings. Vertical air inlets in front of the wheel arch claddings enhance its aerodynamics, substantially reducing turbulence in the front wheelhouse area.



The inside of the Kona is equipped with a big 10.25-inch central display setup supporting multiple Bluetooth devices, some nicer finishes around the dash, and a 10.25-inch digital instrument display. The lower centre console storage area has also been redesigned with wireless charging capability and efficient use of space. What’s better is that Kona offers digital key, through a smartphone app. The app allows users to control selected vehicle systems remotely, such as locking and unlocking the car, activation of panic alert and starting of the engine.

New Cars Of Singapore In 2021- Hyundai Kona

Available 18-inch alloy wheels with 235/45R18 tires give surefooted, agile handling character on a variety of road surfaces. Besides, there is 16 exterior colour option and of which, 8 of the colours are new with interesting names.

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