Quick guide to getting your motorcycle licence and owning a motorbike in Singapore

Quick Guide To Getting Your Motorcycle License And Owning A Motorbike In Singapore

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We all are well aware that the car prices in Singapore are notoriously expensive, so the only way to owning your very own vehicle is to have a motorcycle licence. Not only will you own a transport, riding a motorbike is probably the fastest way to get around Singapore due to its small size and agility.

You may have just fired getting together the assets for a fitting helmet, and the motorbike itself. A key initial step, however, is getting your licence.


Getting your motorcycle licence

The basic motorcycle licence which entitles you to ride your bike of up to 200cc is called Class 2B. To get a 2B licence in Singapore, you can only do it with a registered school with riding lessons, unlike a car licence, there isn’t a private route for class 2B.


There are three Class 2B driving schools you can enrol yourself into:

  • Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC)
  • ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC)
  • Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC)

After obtaining your Class 2B licence for a year, you’ll be able to enrol for Class 2A which entitles you to ride bikes up to 400cc.

And likewise, after getting your 2A licence for a year, you’ll be able to enrol for Class 2 which allows you to ride all bikes.


The syllabus includes:

  • Theory lessons – This is for your Basic Theory Test (BTL) and Riding Theory Test (RTT). You need to attend these theory classes regardless of whether you have already passed the tests.
  • Practical lessons – This will include all the obstacle courses in the circuit (eg. plank, slalom, crank course, figure 8, e-brake), followed by road riding.


You may begin practical lessons even before you passed the theory tests. But the requirement for a Provisional Driving Licence (PDL) is to pass your Basic Theory Test. Without a PDL, you will not be able to undertake the road riding components of the practical syllabus, nor will you be able to book your Traffic Police Test.


Prices of Class 2B Courses

School Fee type Fee amount ($)
BBDC Enrolment (valid for 1 year) 58.85
Eyesight test 1.82
Theory lesson 17.12
Theory practice 3.21
Theory evaluation 5.35
Peak practical lesson (circuit) 29.96
Off-peak practical lesson (circuit) 25.68
Peak practical lesson (road) 40.66
Off-peak practical lesson (road) 36.38
CDC Enrolment and theory fee (valid for 1 year) 157.83
Membership renewal fee (6 months extension) 48.15
Circuit practical lesson (Mon to Fri) 25.68 to 28.89 per session
Circuit practical lesson (Sat & Sun) 28.89 per session
Road practical lesson (Mon to Fri) 36.68 to 39.59 per session
Road practical lesson (Sat & Sun) 39.59 per session
Road practical lesson 8 $55.64 to $58.85 per session
SSDC Enrolment fee and theory lessons 1 to 4 109.89
Defensive theory lessons 5 to 7 32.10
Theoretical circuit orientation training 23.54 (peak) / 21.40 (off peak)
Peak practical lesson (circuit) 27.82
Off-peak practical lesson (circuit) 25.68
Peak practical lesson (road) 38.52
Peak practical lesson (road) 36.38


Motorcycle COE Cost  

The COE gives you the right to register and use your vehicle in Singapore for a duration of 10 years. You can get a COE bidding in auctions administered by the LTA held on the first and third Monday of every month.

According to April 2021, the COE price for a motorcycle is $8,000. With that said, it’s a hell lot cheaper than owning a car which can cost up to $35,000.


Places to get a brand new motorcycle in Singapore:

  • Project 8 Motorworks
  • Bike Dynamic
  • Boon Siew Singapore
  • Hong Leong Corporation- Yamaha Motor
  • Unique Motorsports
  • United Cycles


Places to get brand used motorcycle in Singapore:

  • SGBikeMart
  • Bikemart sg
  • Carousell
  • SGBikez


Getting a secondhand motorbike means you have a few things to watch out for:

  • Check the years of COE left
  • Condition of the bike
  • Make sure the bike is fully paid by the previous owner
  • Apply for a motorcycle insurance


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