Recommended car accessories

We all have to agree that cars are kind of like our second home and we usually like to accessorise our cars to provide the best comfort for us and the passengers. However, too many car accessories could be difficult to maintain, here is our list of recommended car accessories.


1. Multi-USB car charger

Recommended car accessories

If you have multiple devices and you spend a lot of time on the road, a multi-USB port will come in handy. Since we use our phones for almost everything, it is important to keep them charged even when we are not at home.


2. Magnetic Sunshade

Recommended car accessories

A magnetic sunshade is removable and really easy to attach. The magnetic sunshade has multiple purposes, not only does it allow privacy, but it also prevents direct sunlight from entering. This is useful especially in a tropical country like Singapore.


3. Steering wheel and seat cover

Recommended car accessories

Cars with a leather interior always tend to encounter wear and tear. In order to prevent this from happening, you can choose to buy steering wheel covers to keep them in good condition.

Seat covers can be used to maintain your leather and also keep your car clean from all the dirt and grime. They are easier to clean as compared to your original upholstery.


4. Dash camera

Recommended car accessories

Dash cameras are like your second pair of eyes. It allows you to provide information and evidence when you get into an accident or when you are doing an insurance claim.


5. Air purifier

An air purifier can refresh stale air as we drive around to many different places. The air purifiers eliminate several types of air pollutants, reducing the chances of any respiratory health problems.


6. Vehicle Desk

Rushing for time and have no place to work or eat? Include a vehicle desk and you can instantly have a mobile desk and a less incommodious way to eat your lunch!


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