Renting a car in Singapore

Renting A Car In Singapore

Singapore has one of the best and cheapest public transport in the world but there will be times where you would rather go visiting at some relative’s house in the far reaches of Yishun. Renting a car during occasions like Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali will be the most convenient way if you have no intentions of getting a vehicle.

If this is your first time renting a car, fret not, we got your back! Here’s the complete guide to your car rental options and sample rental rates.


Some Reputable Car Rental Companies in Singapore

We have broken down some reputable rental companies into 3 categories, the first one is the companies with the cheapest rates, followed by our local car rental companies in Singapore as well as international car rental companies.


Car Rental Companies with the Cheapest Rates

1. Lion City Rentals Pte Ltd

2. Drive.SG

3. Budget Car Rental

4. Island Car Rental

5. Car Leasing Exclusive Limo & Car Rentals


Local Car Rental Companies in Singapore

1.  AKA Car Rental

2. Eazi Car Leasing

3. Swee Seng Leasing

4. Asia Express

5. Horizon Automotive

6. MyCarRental Pte Ltd


International Car Rental Companies

1. Avis Car Rental

2. Hertz Singapore

3. Europcar Car Rental


Short-term Car Rental Rates in Singapore

Some factors affecting the rental rates are the type/size of the car, the car make and model, rental duration as well as peak surcharge.

Here’s a rough idea of the different rental rates depending on the type of car you want.

Car Type Rental Rates
5-seater basic sedan $50/day onwards
MPV/SUV $150-$200/day
Passenger Van $110-$500/day
Luxury Car/Sports Car $200-$950/day

The longer the rental duration, the lower the cost. For instance, a Toyota Camry’s rental fee might be $70 a day but $220 for 5 days (=$44/day).


Long-term Car Rental/Car Leasing Rates in Singapore

Looking to rent a car for more than a month? That’s actually considered as car leasing rather than a car rental.

Car leasing will be cheaper if you go for a one-year contract or longer. Here is a rough idea of the different rental rates with a minimum commitment period of 1 year:

Car Rental Company 1 Month rental for sedan 1 Month rental for SUV
Drive.Sg  $1,177 $1,700 and above
All Trust Leasing From $1,500 $2,000 and above
Asia Express Car Rental $1,712 $2,300
Hertz $2,200 $3,000 and above
Avis $2,670 $3,900


What is the eligibility to rent a car in Singapore?

1. Probation Driver: If you are still a “P” plate driver or if you are still within your first year of probation, get ready for rejections from the majority of the car rental company.

2. Age Limits: Most car rental companies have an age limitation from 23-69 years old. Companies who provide rental to those age 70-74 years old will often charge more.

3. International Driving Permit: If you’re a foreigner, you will have to present a valid driving license in English or an international driving permit.

4. Other Requirements: Some car rental companies require a few years of experience for some cars.


Disclaimers for UDrivers

Disclaimers for UDrivers

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