Riding a motorcycle in Singapore; Do’s & Don’t

Riding a Motorcycle in Singapore; Do’s & Don’tNumerous Singaporeans are considering taking up motorcycle riding lessons in response to the dismal Certificate of Entitlement (COE) situations for cars. Besides that, riding in Singapore is definitely a more affordable form of transport solution as compared to cars.


However, many feel that motorcycling is seen as an undesirable and dangerous form of transport. Hence, riding a motorcycle in Singapore comes with plenty of do’s and don’ts.

1. Don’t give in to biker prejudice

Riding a Motorcycle in Singapore; Do’s & Don’t Photo Credits (School of Human Ecology – The University of Texas at Austin)


There will be times where you will be thought of as being less than a driver because you are useless, dangerous, and reckless. Most people will feel that riding a motorcycle is dangerous and can be threatening.


What’s most important is that you yourself cannot feel this way, do not succumb to all the negative attitude! Overcome all these pejorative thoughts and prove all the stereotypes wrong.


2. Don’t lane split on narrow roads

Riding a Motorcycle in Singapore; Do’s & Don’tPhoto Credits (Zocalo Public Square) 

The roads in Singapore are mostly narrow, so make sure you don’t lane split on these narrow roads in between all the cars.


Riding between all the high-speed cars is not a great idea no matter how fast you think your motorcycle can go. Avoiding that will definitely keep you safe.


3. Do give way

The dreadful part is that the collisions in Singapore are due to pomposity and refusal to respect other drivers on the streets. That is why we emphasize do give way when riding a motorcycle in Singapore – you will love being one of the not many considerate individuals on the streets.


4. Do avoid the fast lane

Photo Credits (Eric D. Brown)


We all love the adrenaline rush and riding on the fast lane is a norm for most bikers. It is often viewed as cool and fun and all things free. However, riding fast can be very dangerous, thus we suggest you avoid the fast lane.


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