Signs your car battery is dying

The average life span of the car battery is about 2 years and there are three factors affecting it including, driving habits, the weather, and engine vibration. Cars that are parked for extended periods will self-drain the batteries inside the car. Additionally, warm weather countries like Singapore causes batteries to drain faster because heat increases the battery’s degradation. Here are some signs your car battery is dying.


1. Warning light on the dashboard

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The easiest and most straight forward method to identify a battery problem is to look out for warning lights on the dashboard. If your car’s battery is running low or faulty, a red battery will light up on your dashboard.


2. The engine is not firing up

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If you experience slow engine cranks this indicates that the start-up time will take longer, or the cranking of your engine has become sluggish. However, when your engines don’t crank at all, it’s a clear indication that your car battery is dead or the power is too low to even start the engine.


3. Bad smell and corrosion

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There is a high chance that your car battery is leaking if you detect a pungent smell in your car. Another indication is corrosion around the battery terminal, usually found on the + and – cable connectors. Although corrosion could be easily cleaned, it’s only a temporary solution to the problem.

However, if you experience any of these signs that your car battery is dying, fret not! Take a snapshot and post it up on the UDrivers app now and get instant quotations from different workshops to have your battery replaced!

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