Singapore driving myths that people believe in

We have a lot of driving myths going around in Singapore, however, not all are true. Be sure not to believe in certain things you heard, especially since some may be dangerous and could possibly land you behind bars. We will be breaking Singapore driving myths that people believe in.


Backseat riders don’t need to wear seatbelts

Singapore driving myths that people believe in

It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting at the front or the back, if you are in a car, you should have your seatbelts on.

Many may think that it is totally unnecessary to wear a seatbelt when you are sitting at the back seat. Little do you know, there are thousands of deaths involving backseat riders and furthermore, not wearing a seatbelt can result in a penalty of S$120 and 3 demerit points.


New cars don’t need maintenance

Singapore driving myths that people believe in

New cars will also experience wear and tear depending on the usage. They require regular maintenance just like any other vehicle. If you don’t have a reliable workshop for maintenance, you can check out 10 recommended workshops in Singapore near you!


It is illegal to use your phone in the car

Singapore driving myths that people believe in

Most Singaporeans are guilty of using their phones behind the wheels. The truth is you can use your mobile phone if your car is stationary.

However, it’s an offence if your mobile phone is in your hand when you step on the pedal.

It doesn’t matter whether the phone is switched on or not; if you get caught holding the phone while driving, you could get fined.


The speed limit on roads with unmarked speed limit is 60km/hr

Unless otherwise stated, the speed limit of all roads in Singapore is 50km/h, 40km/h in School Zones, and when it is feasible to lower the speed limit, 40km/h in Silver Zones. Failure to abide this limit can cause you up to 24 demerit points depending on how many km/h you are exceeding the speed limit by.


You can only be caught for a drink-driving offence if the car is moving

Well, many can argue that drink driving means we have to be driving the car to count it as an offence. However, you can actually get arrested just for drinking alcohol in a stationary car. As long as you sit at the driver’s seat while drinking, you can be charged with the intention of drink driving.


By debunking these myths, we hope you are able to stay safer on the road and ensure the safety of your friends and family. We have debunked more car-related myths in the following articles:

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