Singapore’s barrier-free smart car parks

Singapore’s barrier-free smart car park

Automated systems are unconsciously improving our lives as we move toward digitalization. With the aim of creating a convenient parking method, ST Engineering and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) developed barrier-free smart car parks in Singapore. Newer housing estates in Punggol Northshore have also implemented barrier-free technology.


What is a barrier-free car park?

A barrier-free carpark is as the name says, a car park with no gantry barriers. As vehicles enter the parking lot, a mobile parking app, GoParkin, automatically activates the parking session. Parking fees are collected backend through the app, so motorists do not need to remember to activate it or top up their cash cards after exiting. In the event an illegally parked vehicle is detected, the system alerts the motorist, who can then move it.


Do not wish to have an additional app?

Alternatively, if you do not wish to download the app, you can pay through your cash card in the In-Vehicle Unit (IU), just as you can in the Electronic Parking System (EPS) car parks.


Benefits of the barrier-free car park?

  • Hassel-free

With this smart car park, drivers can now experience a seamless entry and exit simply through an app. When cars are denied at the gantry due to insufficient funds, it helps to reduce congestions and waiting times. Their credit/debit card will be charged directly for parking. So, in case you forget to top up your cash card, fret not! You don’t even need it!


  • Cost-saving

By reducing operational and maintenance costs, the Smart Car Park System offers significant savings. A cloud-based platform has the ability to centrally manage and control car park operations, giving drivers better visibility into parking occupancy records. Besides that, this smart car park requires lesser maintenance to prevent unnecessary downtime and expenses.


We may not be familiar with this change, but it’ll certainly benefit motorists! In addition, motorists who download and use the Parking@HDB app will enjoy free parking for their first three parking sessions at the carpark PL80. Head over to NTU’s website to find out more about barrier-free smart car parks!

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