The pros and cons of a Hybrid car

pros and cons of a hybrid car

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Hybrid cars are powered by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor, which uses energy stored in batteries.

You’ve definitely heard from friends and relatives about how beneficial a hybrid car is, but do you know what the benefits are? And other than benefits are there any problems you might face with a hybrid car? Fret not, here’s a list of pros and cons you need to know before deciding to get a hybrid car.


The Pros

Hybrid vehicles can reduce running costs

Hybrid consumes lesser fuel than regular cars since the regenerative braking system produces electricity and stores it in the battery for use later on and can power the car up to 1.25 miles. Even when the engine fires up, it does not work so hard as it is already in motion, burning lesser fuel.

Hybrid vehicles are quieter and smoother

The engine in a hybrid vehicle works less hard and the electric motors are almost completely noiseless. Thus, hybrid vehicles are quieter and smoother in operation.

Hybrid vehicles experience stronger performance

Having an additional drivetrain means providing an extra amount of power and torque, for stronger acceleration and throttle response.


The Cons

Hybrid vehicles are more expensive than a regular vehicle

With an additional drivetrain, a battery pack, and various other components, the hybrid car cost more to build. And often takes several years to make up the cost of a hybrid car in gas savings.

Hybrid vehicles are heavy

They weigh additional hundreds of kilograms and that extra mass can reduce the overall efficiency of the powertrain due to more weight hauling around. Additionally, more weight equivalent to the extra power of the brakes to stop the vehicle in an emergency.

Hybrid vehicles heat up easily

Recall that hybrid car swill help save fuel by utilizing the electric drivetrain whenever possible. Whenever you’re sitting in traffic, the air-conditioner compressor and engine will be shut down. With Singapore’s weather, the car is going to get heated up.


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