Things that will damage your car paint

The car paint is one of the most important factors of how good your car looks. However, car paint is actually very sensitive and there are many things that can damage your paint if it is left untreated. Here’s a quick list of what kind of things can screw up your paint and why.


Bird droppings

Things that will damage your car paint

In the tree-lined street of Singapore, bird droppings are very common, and nobody likes them. However, bird’s droppings are highly acidic and can stain and dull the paint on your car. If you noticed droppings on your car, wash immediately or with a damp cloth to prevent permanent damage.



Things that will damage your car paint

When filling your tank, gas may spill out onto the car. The gas will evaporate and leave a stain on the paint or worst, damage the clear coat. Always clean the area after you are done to ensure no gas residue is left behind.


Coffee and soda

Things that will damage your car paint

Leaving stuff on the hood of the car is very normal. However, if you were to leave drinks like coffee or soda, you have to be extra careful. Coffee and soda are both acidic and will damage and corrode your car paint if left untreated. Of course, this can seriously damage your interior as well.


Tree sap

Things that will damage your car paint

If you see little sticky spots on your car, especially after parking under a tree, chances are your car’s been hit by some tree sap. You’ll want to clean these spots up as soon as possible because once they harden, they can leave a noticeable stain that takes serious effort to remove. Water and wash will not do the job once they harden, use a special treatment like polishing or rubbing alcohol instead.


Dirty Rags and towels


Whenever using a towel on your car, make sure it’s clean. Dirty towels contain dirt and tiny particles that can scratch the surface of your car. While you might not notice at first, these scratches can accumulate over time and become more noticeable. Also, while a towel might feel soft to the touch, it doesn’t mean it’s right for the surface of your car. Always be sure to use a microfiber washcloth or towel and clean it often. The last thing you want to do when trying to take care of your car is damaged it!

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