Tips and Tricks to lower car running costs!

Tips And Tricks To Lower Car Running CostsCars in Singapore are slapped with exorbitant taxes. Mired in an endless sea of paperwork, this inflates car prices to scarcely believable figures, even for humdrum saloons. Therefore, drivers are using all manner of tips and tricks to lower running costs to reduce financial strain.

The unfortunate reality of relying on a global supply chain for even the most basic of spares parts is obvious. At the mercy of the shipping conglomerates, the slightest revision of transportation costs can translate into additional expenses come repair time.

Compounding the issue is our high standard of living. Higher labour costs and rent means repairs here cost significantly more than of our neighbours up north. But what if I told you that there is a happy middle ground? Your car can be kept healthy, and your wallet a little fatter!


Source Direct For Lower Cost Parts

It pays to be familiar with the consumables come maintenance time. Sourcing your filters and oils from reputable stockists can save you some cash over a period. However, the real savings come from the bigger-ticket mechanical components. Having said that, what you gain in bank balance you lose in time, so make sure the savings are worth your time! You wouldn’t want to spend an entire afternoon running around only to save less than $100, do you?


Quality Workshops

Reviews can literally make or break a business. Investors are painfully aware of this, which is why some companies purchase bogus reviews to clean up a brand’s image. This makes it tricky to ascertain if a workshop is good or has had its reputation bolstered by illegitimate reviews.

Forums are a good place to check before you bring your car in for servicing. You are more likely to find legitimate reviews from past clients on such platforms. That isn’t to say that fake reviews aren’t present on these platforms. Unscrupulous businesses can use different accounts to paint a rosier picture of their services. If a review sounds too good to be true (i.e dodgy or a tad fishy), it probably is.


Being Penalised, Less

We all lead busy lives. You have got to be in a certain position in your career to be able to afford a car. There is only so much that your brain can process, considering all the responsibilities both in the workplace and at home. Inadvertently, you may miss out on road tax and insurance renewals, for some serious legal implications. These can get quite messy and be an expensive exercise overall.


Making Our Lives Easier With Technology

Thing is, we may not have the time, or the mental capacity, to enact everything mentioned above. But this is 2020, and technology means we do not need to set aside precious brain space for such trivial matters.

At UDrivers, we wanted to use modern smarts to enhance the car ownership experience. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of reviews to search for a reputable and affordable workshop. Our application connects motorists with workshops, and a simple photo can yield you competitive quotations from workshops islandwide. After shortlisting the vendor, keep in touch with staff on our platform for complete transparency.

But that is not all. You can set notifications to remind you when your motor insurance and road tax is about to expire. We can also provide you with real-time assistance should the need arise. Our application can navigate you to the nearest carparks, petrol stations, and workshops based on your current location. Hotlines for emergencies, insurance, towing, tyres, and even valet services are all literally right in the palm of your hands too! If you’re interested to find out more, click here UDrivers App to give our application a go!


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