Ways to deal with road rage


Ways to deal with road rageThere is no specific law for road rage in Singapore however, it is a criminal offence once it becomes a case of voluntarily causing hurt. To prevent getting hurt, it is best we learn how to respond and react to one.


What is road rage?Ways to deal with road rage

Road rage is an aggressive behaviour exhibited by drivers, motorcyclists, and cyclists when faced with inconveniences and accidents on the road. This behaviour may be presented by verbal insults, shouting, minor to major threats, tailgating, honking and even physical violence.


Causes of road rage

 They may be caused by the irresponsible behaviour of others, and it often gets worse when the victim enact revenge. The trigger to road rage is limitless. However, here are some common factors contributing to road rage.

1. Traffic delays

Nobody likes waiting in traffic especially an impatient driver. They get frustrated quicker and small inconveniences may trigger these types of people easily.

2. Habitual lateness

Drivers who are running behind time are more likely to drive erratically. They may cause danger to other people who are on the road and drivers may be more impatient when faced with minor inconveniences.

3. Disregard for other and the law

Drivers who feel that the rules do not apply to them tend to do whatever they want to do.


How to avoid road rage?Ways to deal with road rage

1. Practice proper time management

As stated above, habitual lateness is one of the causes of road rage. Leave home on time and check the traffic reports for construction and accidents before leaving. This is to ensure that you can reach your destination on time, so you don’t have to drive aggressively.

2. Have empathy

Put yourself into other people’s shoes, someone who is driving slowly might be finding their way or might be an elderly driving.

3. Don’t honk unnecessarily

Getting frustrated and honking won’t solve any problems; it will just increase stress levels for everyone on the road.

4. Don’t tailgate

Tailgating literally accomplishes nothing. You will be ignored at best, and the other driver will become upset and retaliate at worst.


What to do if you are a victim?

If you are being targeted, here are what you have to do to minimise the risk of a confrontation.

1. Don’t stop your vehicle

Unless you are at a red light try not to stop your vehicle. Because stopping your vehicle can be interpreted as an invitation to face-to-face confrontation, which could escalate to violence.

2. Keep a distance

Try to steer clear from them if they seem to be driving erratically near you for revenge. Do not speed away and remember to always stay safe.

3. Lock your doors and stay inside

If you are in a stationary position and the raging driver is right outside your car door, lock the door and stay inside. Because they might be enraged, and we don’t know what they are capable of saying or doing.

4. Go to the nearest police station

If they continue to tailgate, follow, or harass you, drive to the nearest police station. They would most likely go on their way. However, if they still followed you to the police station, notify the police that an aggressive driver is following you.


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