Ways to save fuel and money

Ways to save fuel and moneyPetrol prices have been constantly on the rise. However, the good news is that with just a few minor adjustments to your driving habits, it might help cut down your petrol usage. Here are some tips to save fuel and money.


1. Regular maintenance

Your car may burn more fuel than it should if proper maintenance is not done regularly. Change your oil, air filters and spark plugs. These parts may be unrelated to your gas mileage, but they can greatly impact your fuel consumption.


2. Inflate your tyres

Keep your tyres inflated because poorly inflated tyres will decrease traction and increase the number of rotations made to move the same amount of distance. Tyres lose about one psi pressure per month due to air loss caused by the tyre hitting holes, bumps and debris. It’s important to fill your tires to the recommended psi as over-inflation and under-inflation can negatively influence your fuel consumption.


3. Don’t accelerate too much

Gentle acceleration and smooth driving can reduce fuel usage. 50% of the power produced by the engine is used to overcome aerodynamic drag especially when you are on a highway.

However, lower speed does not mean lower fuel consumption. The fuel consumption of an average car increases at a speed below 50km/hr.


4. Use thinner tyres

Thicker tyres require more resistance for the tyres to roll, and naturally cause higher consumption.


5. Use your air-conditioner sparingly

Air-conditioner can increase fuel consumption by 8-10%. Turn off your air-con if the weather is bearable.


6. Reduce drag

Winding down your window can cause drag which leads to an increase in fuel consumption. In the previous point, air-con uses fuel too. So here is what you can do.

When driving slowly, open the window because the fuel used to compensate for the drag is lesser than the fuel used to power your air-con.

But when driving fast like on a highway, it’s the other way round. Turn on the air-con and roll the windows up.


7. Don’t let your engine idle

Idling for more than a minute can consume more fuel than restarting your engine. Minimize idling by turning the engine off when your car is stationary. Besides saving more fuel, turning your engine off also prevents unnecessary wear and tear of the car.


8. Remove excess weight

More weight equivalent to more fuel usage. Clean out whatever you do not need in your car boot and get rid of any rubbish in your car can save fuel and money.

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