What to do if you hit an animal on the roads of Singapore?

None of us will ever want to hit an animal and endanger the lives of anyone on the road. However, accidents are bound to happen on the road and people tend to flee the scenes when they get anxious. Do not panic and do not leave the scene after you hit an animal on Singapore roads.

The Road Traffic Act states that failure to stop and help the animal could be a crime and the driver could face a S$3,000 fine or a jail term of up to a year.


Steps to take if you hit an animal on Singapore roads 

1. Stop your vehicle if it is safe to do so, if not you can make a U-turn to the accident scene.

2. Be very careful if you wish to approach the animal, they might still be in shock and can hurt you in fear, and if possible, take the animal to a veterinary clinic.

3. If not call these hotlines

  • For domestic animals that are still alive, SPCA at 6287 5355 ext. 9
  • For wildlife that is still alive, ACRES at 9783 7782
  • If the animal is dead, contact the NEA at 1800 2255 632 to remove the carcass

4. If there are any damages caused to you or someone else’s property in the accident, take photos of the damages as well as the scene.

5. Report to both the Traffic Police and your insurer within 24 hours.


Ways to avoid hitting an animal

1. Drive slowly and carefully in green areas with animal sightings signpost as the animals are very unpredictable and may attempt to run when faced with danger.

2. In emergency situations, you may need to brake hard. In ABS-equipped cars, the fastest way to stop is to stomp on the brake pedal as hard as possible. ABS prevents wheels from locking under braking, meaning drivers should be able to control the car without skidding.


Animals that you must look out for on Singapore’s road

There are many animals that you may encounter on the road. Some examples would be domestic pets like cats and dogs, squirrels, civet cats, monkeys, deers and otters. You may even find animals that are critically endangered like the Sunda pangolins.

Drive safely not only for yourself but also for the lives of animals and other drivers that are on the road.

What to do if you hit an animal on Singapore roads?

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