What to do when your car breaks down?

break down

Being in an untimely car break down in the middle of the highway can leave you helpless and stranded. Besides that, a car break down can be very frustrating and also dangerous, especially if you are in the middle of the road. Therefore, here is a simple guide on what you are faced with a breakdown.


1.Remain Calm and safety first

Do not panic and start swerving to the side of the road abruptly or without signaling, you should find a safe place to stop. If you are on the highway, park in the far-left lane and keep as left as possible. However, if you find your car breaking down in the middle of the road, find an appropriate spot to park to limit the congestion to the traffic.


2.Signal and inform others

Turn on your hazard lights to inform other drivers that you might be there for some time. After that, place your vehicle breakdown sign at an appropriate distance behind your car to warn other drivers. If you do not have a breakdown triangle sign, you can use a pail, box, or even leave your boot open.

What to do when your car breaks down


3.Call for help

Be visible once you’ve placed your breakdown sign. If you are on the expressway, you should stand behind the Vehicle Impact Guard (VIGs) and if you are on a road, stand on the pavement.

You can easily call for roadside assistance or towing services using the UDrivers application. In any unfortunate event of a breakdown, you may find emergency contacts such as some towing or tyre services hotlines under the SOS section of our UDrivers application.

What to do when your car breaks down


Keep calm when faced with a break down in the future because you can be sure of what to do!

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