What you should do when you get into a car accident

Accidents can happen to anyone anywhere. This could imply that you’re at risk coming out of your home, at the shopping mall’s carpark, or even when you’re waiting for the traffic lights to turn green. You can be the safest driver in this entire world, but when you’re on the road, things can become unpredictable at any time. Facing a car accident is a situation that nobody wants to get into, however, it’s important to prepare yourself for it so you won’t panic when the unforeseen happens.

1. Stop, Stay Calm, And Check For Injuries

You should never drive away from the scene of an accident, even from a minor one. The first thing you should do after a car accident is to always check for safety! Check for any injuries on you and the people around you to make sure that no one is in a life-threatening situation. If you are seriously injured, call 995 if you’re able to, or ask a bystander to help. Get out of any immediate danger and wait for assistance.

Below is a list of hotlines should you require any assistance.

Emergency Hotlines In Singapore

Police: 999

Ambulance: 995

Non-Emergency Ambulance: 1777

EMAS (Expressway Monitoring And Advisory System) Vehicle Recovery Service : 1800 2255 582

Police Hotline (for crime-related information): 1800 255 0000

Traffic Police: 6547 0000

2. Take Photos As Evidence

After notifying the necessary authorities, or it’s ascertained that the authorities do not need to be called, take a variety of photos with close shots and wide shots (skid marks, debris, etc) as evidences in order to fully provide the context of the accident. Take more photos as you will never know what might be needed as evidence for your insurer. Ensure that the vehicle licence plate numbers is clearly shown in the pictures.

3. Exchange Contact Information With The Other Party

It is recommended that you avoid discussing whose fault it is when going over the facts with the other party. This is because, when you file an insurance claim, the adjuster will review the claim and determine who’s the one at fault based on information provided by you and other parties involved in the accident, the inspection done on the vehicles and/or properties damaged, and any other supporting documentations like the police report.

Therefore, it is important that you take down the particulars of the other vehicles and parties involved in the accident. The information includes:

1. Car Registration Number

2. Car Model, Year and Colour

3. Witnesses’ Name, Home Address and Contact

4. Full Name, NRIC, Contact, Home Address

5. Driver’s License and License Plate Number

6. Insurance Company and Policy Number

4. Contact Your Insurer

Inform your insurance agent as soon as possible. It will be best if you can call your insurance agent while you’re at the scene as most of the policies require immediate reporting and full cooperation. Your agent will then be able to guide you with what they will need in order to process your claim. Whether or not you have any desire to make any claims on tour insurance policy, you ought to notify your insurer by next working day after the accident at latest.

This is to guarantee that you can make a claim if you need to, especially if the other party files a claim against you out of nowhere even after both of you agreed to settle things privately. When you do not report an accident, your insurer grounds can also revoke your NCD (No Claim Discount) or refuse to let you renew your policies.

5. Bring Your Car To A Workshop If Needed

Some car insurance provides a car-towing service. If it is excluded from yours, you can search for a car towing service and get help. Most, if not all of the car towing services in Singapore are 24/7. In the event that the car accident occurred on the expressway, the LTA (Land Transport Authority) will detect traffic accidents and will send their EMAS team to assist with towing your vehicle away but only to the nearest designated carpark.

Do Ensure that the workshop you are sending your vehicle to is authorised. In the event that you are uncertain which workshops are authorised, approach your insurer for advice as the workshop you go to ought to be able to give you the necessary paperwork to submit along with your claim.


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